Nicole Strasser


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aesthetically pleasing supernatural caps. 2/05

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“I need to wake up and know that the people that I love are safe. I need to feel safe.”

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“I’m right there with you, all the way.”
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Little kiss sketches to decompress.

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30 days OTP challenge; day 3: watching TV

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supernatural rewatch:
↳ 01x05 [bloody mary]

„Sometimes bad things just happen.“

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are you?

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God’s Creation - 2014


This is my contribution to the upcoming season 10 in 10 days as well as my comeback as an artist - the days of waiting and crashings are over and I finally can draw without interruptions. I just love my new Laptop!

If anyone wonders what the enochian word means - it’s supposed to mean God’s creation, just like the title, but I have no idea if that’s right I have no clue about the language and asked a dictionary that seemed to be trustworthy - I hope for the best.

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another meme i won’t finish ● {4/20} female characters - Charlie Bradbury

➝ I was drunk! It was comic-con!

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