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dean challenge: variations [1/3] future dean
I'm on the hunt
No one's safe to walk these streets


turn myself into a gun - deancas divergent au (written for the 2014 dcbb) - coming oct. 7

Detroit was a kingdom of isolation. The city was surrounded by sprawling grass fields, and it rose out of them without any warning, like a mirage in a desert. The war had been terrible, the rest of the world destroyed in a pointless struggle for power, but for some reason, Detroit had stood its ground. In the interest of peacekeeping, the city was divided into five distinct factions, based upon the virtues of its inhabitants. This is the world Dean Winchester grew up in, a world that was turned upside-down by a fallible test, ladies that got shit done, and a fearless boy named Castiel.


in the bee-loud glade // dcbb coming nov. 17th

Set four years after the events of season 9, this is the story of how Dean and Cas take over Sonny’s home for boys when he retires, as a retirement of their own, of sorts, from the hard life of hunting. It’s also the story of how Claire Novak, now of age, tracks them down there to hopefully find the answers she never got as a child.

… Dean lets out a shuddering, shaky breath. “Jesus, Cas,” he mutters, barely above a whisper, voice cracked with both a temporal and age old exhaustion.

Castiel rubs a thumb across Dean’s cheek, over the gentle curve of his lightly freckled skin. He has had great delight in cataloguing all those freckles in recent years, a privilege he never thought he would have bestowed upon him, but has taken full advantaged of it since. Dean’s skin has always been beautiful to him, of course, for he remade it of grace that had flowed as feathers in his wings, but still, it is something else to touch his skin with fingers made of the same flesh and bone and the same flawed human nature.

Yes,” he whispers back in answer, though to what question, he does not quite know. Maybe to all of them, every hesitation Dean has ever had about him, about them, about all his mistakes and their mutual fallacies and false assumptions about what the other wanted. But it was always Dean, if there was a choice. It was always the soul of Dean he wanted to be possessed by.

It was always yes

get to know me meme → favorite relationships
↳ delena[3/5]

Charlie Bradbury + hacking

spn ladies meme | 10 one-off characters [2/10]

↳ Kali

You suffered a great loss, you’re not the same person.

i thought there’d be more time