think about Cas and Dean baking a birthday pie for their twins together (because that’s their family tradition, no bday cakes but PIES) and they throw flour at each other and laugh and kiss and lick chocolate sauce off of each other’s lips and then they go out to buy presents and Sam and Amelia come over to spend time with them and for dinner and they watch the kids play with their new toys and then when Amelia and Sam leave, the four of them cuddle up on the couch and watch “How To Train Your Dragon”, and one of their twins, the girl, looks up at Cas who’s running his fingers through her hair and says “I love you, daddy” and then the boy snorts and he groans and says UGH YOU ARE SUCH A SAP and dean is like “that’s my boy, no chick flick moments” but they are both smiling ok, and then cas rolls his eyes at them and says “I love you too” and kisses her and she leans up and kisses dean too and says “And I love you” and dean’s heart melts, and he shares a look with cas. and then she kisses her brother and says YOU TOO DUMBASS but he pushes her away with a groan, so a tickling war begins and dean and cas laugh asdfghj and when the kids go to bed, dean and cas take a shower together, and make out for hours and then they fuck in the shower, and in the bed, no they make love ok, and sleep into each other’s arms THE END

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